Social Media Marketing

Northwestern Technology is entering in the Social Media world with the purpose of marketing their projects and products. The main concern of investors in how to recover their investment. Have been shown that the cost of the implementation of social media  platforms is not recovered as quick as the Corporation wants and its takes  about five years to recover the investment. The social media marketing approach is a topic that although is currently fashionable but does not mean that the expected benefits occur as soon as a company wanted, and especially in this time of financial crisis. Although the social media is used to maintain direct communication with customers, suppliers, etc, does not mean it’s easy to maintain a close relationship with customers or suppliers.


While doing research to validate the information that we are sharing in this blog we visit an interesting blog that share information about marketing plans through social media.  The Social Media Examiner uses a unique form of talking on ways to use social media to marketing. While corporation are using social media is important to maintain the communication. For a product or project to be successful using marketing tools in the social media approach is important to maintain the expectation of the product launch. That way the customer visit the site frequently to keep abreast of new information. If the page owner kept its marketing strategy,  the site will gain new visitors.


Davin Redmond, CEO for Social IQ Networks expressed in a review that despite the great benefits that the use of social media has risks. such as exposure to malware, hackers, rules are non compliance are among other risks that corporations are exposed. The use of the sm has grown and has become one of the media and most used and effective global marketing. But you must understand that the owner is responsible for everything that is published in its pages. The corporations need to follow all established regulations for organizations such as  FINRA.  He also comments that the information from the use of social media as Google+, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, are responsibility of the owners.  Inclusive the information provided by clients, the  page owner will be accountable for it.


To have the right social media marketing approach is important to follow the  The Marketing Lyfe Cycle, first Lead Capture,  the first  step is convince the owners that is  the right step and that the use of this approach is employed to the develop a new way of market.  The second step the Customer Management,  this is defining the  corporation target audience. There are a lot of techniques to market research that will help to identify the audience. Therefore the engagement, what type of platform is the best for your audience, in what language, various, only one, the corporation want to compite globaly. 


To be succesful after the launch, Monitor, Engage, Analyze and Suceed.  The only way to maintain the growth of the social media response form the customer.  Engage from the  owner, dedication and  understand the risk and the opportunity that the social media bring to the business.


There are facts  about  how the social media change the world in alll aspects, from indiviudal to  business.that are show in the following video.



After watch the video is a savvy strategy to follow the Social Media Strategy? Is the time, the world is prepare for the new Social Media Marketing Approach.


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